Do you want a web site that works for you?
A website designed for your needs and where information is easy to find?
A Turicum Designs website is properly planned and expertly built.


We will present a clear and precise web site without the buzzwords and jargon.
A site that is easy to navigate and where the information is readily available.
Yet our websites start from as little as £50 (excluding hosting and domain registration)

At Turicum Designs we don't try to blind you with science. We ask questions about your
business objectives, your target audiences and what you want your web site to achieve
for you, we listen carefully to your answers, and build on that information.

Turicum Designs build websites at entry-level - yet they are effective and interactive.
We believe that most people visit web sites to find information - not to look at the latest "gimmick" in web site technology.


When you have a web site, you need a secure and reliable server that delivers your message
to the world.


Websites need to be kept up to date, information needs to be added, phone numbers changed, products announced.
Otherwise, hard-won visitors will be unlikely to return a second time. As well as building your site,
we can provide an ongoing painless maintenance service to help you get the maximum
ongoing benefit from your initial investment.

For further information contact Pauline Dübelbeis at the address above